FAQ User Guide

Please view our tutorial video below for details of how to register and create your first @@Address, or you can read through our FAQ guide.

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Select from the list below to read details of our user guide.

  1. What is an @@Address?
  2. Is it for you?
  3. Creating your own @@Address
  4. Upgrading
  5. Accessing your existing @@Address
  6. Privacy, security and celebrity
  7. The Satnav system
  8. Fees and @@Address allocations
  9. Terms & Conditions
  10. Ethical Policy
  11. Teething troubles

You can also download a copy of our user guide as a PDF for your reference.

Exaactly.com User Guide


(i) UBREG, @@, Exaactly and @@Address are the trading names and style of Universal Beacon Registration Limited registered in the England under co. no. 9259281 (“the Company”).
(ii) All material published by the Company, including this User’s Guide, is copyright. No copying, citation, reproduction or publication of such material in any form is permitted without the prior written authorisation of Universal Beacon Registration Limited.
(iii) The @@ symbol, UBReg and Exaactly are registered trade marks.
(iv) References in this guide to the “T&C” are to the terms and conditions mentioned in Section 9.