Five essential tips for maximising your online storage space

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The way we store and share data has been revolutionised by cloud and digital storage providers. It’s important, however, to use storage correctly in order to maximise your online storage space for efficient data management.

Whether you’re using cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or digital storage, these tips will help you make the most of your online storage.

5 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your Online Storage Space
  1. Regularly clean and organise your files

    Start by decluttering your online storage. Delete or archive files and folders you no longer need. Organise your files into folders with clear, meaningful names. Use a logical folder structure to easily locate and manage your data.

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  2. Use compression and file optimisation

    Compress large files or folders before uploading them. This reduces their size and frees up more storage space. Optimise images and videos to reduce their size without significantly compromising quality. Many cloud storage services offer automatic image and video optimisation options.

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  3. Utilise selective sync

    If your storage service offers selective sync, use it to choose which folders and files you want to sync to your local device. This prevents unnecessary storage consumption on your computer or mobile device. Read more about selective sync.
  4. Leverage built-in collaboration features

    Take advantage of collaboration features, like shared folders and documents, to collaborate with others without duplicating files. Multiple people can work on the same document or access the same set of files, saving space. Websites such as provide a visual workspace to collaborate and create with your colleagues.
  5. 5 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your Online Storage Space
  6. Utilise external and network drives

    If your cloud storage service or digital storage service allows it, link external or network drives to your account. This extends your storage capacity without upgrading your subscription. Keep in mind that this might not be possible with all storage providers, and it may have limitations based on your plan. Read more on How to set up and use a network drive.
  7. Create a digital locker with Exaactly®

    Exaactly® is an easy-to-use tool that helps you organise your important information in a personal locker and share this with the people that need to see it. Create a digital locker, with the ability to upload a range of contents, that are all in one place, easily shareable and updateable. Simply upload your contents, create Exaactly® addresses and share them with family, friends and colleagues so they can access contents.

Remember that maximising online storage space is an ongoing process. Regularly revisit your files, delete duplicates, and archive older data you don’t need immediate access to. Additionally, keep an eye on your storage usage to avoid running out of space, especially if you’re using a free or limited storage plan.