How it works

With Exaactly, the possibilities are endless. Here are some suggestions for how you could use your account:

Wedding planning

Store everything for you and your guests in one place. Add the wedding location, reception details, gift list, menu information, contact information and photos from the day.

Event planning

Share exaactly what your guests need for a range of events, from birthday parties to anniversaries and work conferences. Exaactly® makes event planning easy, whether you’re a professional event planner or organising an event for fun.

Photo galleries

Keep all your family photos in one spot for everyone to enjoy. Upload image galleries or documents, and link to different galleries across different platforms.

Delivery details

Share an exaact location with delivery drivers. Add map pins, Street Views, photos and instructions to help them find an address anywhere in the world.

Holiday updates

If you’re going on holiday or travelling you can share updates, your location and photos with loved

Lost & found

Use Exaactly® to help you locate lost luggage, bikes or even a pet. Turn your domain into a QR code, then add it to a label or tag on a belonging or pet.

We’re sure you’ll find plenty of other uses for your digital locker too!