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Looking for online storage that offers something extra? We’ve got exaactly what you need. Exaactly is a new website that offers digital storage with a difference. It’s designed to help you be more organised online than ever before.

“We’re really excited to launch Exaactly. Whether you’re planning events, sharing delivery details or creating photo galleries, it’s here to help!” says Malcolm Warner, Founder of Exaactly. “It’s so much more than digital storage, allowing you to store – and share – a huge variety of content in different formats.”

How it works

The new website not only offers you secure storage but the option to store a huge variety of content:

An exaact location – save Google Street Views, map pins, instructions and photos to help family, friends and couriers find your location, no matter where you are in the world.

Photos – upload pictures and share them with your family and friends. You’ll have full control over who sees your photos.

Website links – keep all your external website links in one spot, where they’re easily accessible.

Handy notes – write down any important information, like to-do lists, budgets and deadlines, as notes. It’ll help you keep everything organised and stored in one place.

Your content can be uploaded in a range of formats too, including PDFs, JPGs, Word and Excel documents. And this is just the start. Keep an eye on Exaactly to see more content and format options being added in the future. Is there a different option you’d like to be featured? Then let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Email us at hello@exaactly.com or fill in our contact form.

Ideas for using Exaactly

Exaactly offers endless possibilities, but here are some ideas for how you can use the site:

Create photo galleries – store all your pictures in one place for the whole family to enjoy. Add image galleries to group photos together and link different galleries that are stored across different platforms.

Add holiday and travel updates – share updates, photos and your location with loved ones when you’re on holiday or travelling. It’s a great way of keeping them in the loop while you’re away.

Lost & found – find lost items, like bikes or luggage, or even a pet. With a few clicks you can create a QR code, which you can then add to a tag or label. You can store information such as your contact details and any reward for a found item or pet, which others can access using the QR code.

Plan events – from birthday parties to weddings, Exaactly is an invaluable tool for helping you plan all those important life events. It’s designed to be used by both professional event planners and those planning an event themselves.

Share delivery details – with Exaactly you can give delivery drivers more details than ever before, to help them deliver to an address anywhere worldwide. Share an exaact location that can include Street Views, photos, map pins and instructions. It won’t be long until drone deliveries become more common too. With Exaactly, you can give an exaact location for a drone drop off as well. We’re always looking to the future.

How to get started

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is set up a digital locker – it’s like an actual locker but better! Then create a personalised domain. Think of it as the key to your locker. You can create several Exaactly addresses using your domain, linked to different groups of content you store in your locker. Each Exaactly address is made up of three elements: the ‘tag’, the ‘@@’ symbols and the ‘domain’. Exaactly addresses always have the same domain but different tags. For example:

home@@malcolm (an address, mobile number, map pins and any other delivery information for a courier)

oil@@malcolm (the location of a tank near your home for oil deliveries)

weddingplanning@@malcolm (a wedding RSVP function, details of location and a gift list)

Addresses can be made public, private or dormant. Public addresses don’t require a password to access content, while private ones do. Dormant addresses are for draft content that can be moved to a public or password protected format once finalised. Share your addresses with others or keep the contents of your locker to yourself. In addition, your locker contains a digital library, an area to store everything you’ve ever added to your locker. Contents from the digital library can be uploaded to different Exaactly addresses. You can also access your locker, addresses and their contents from wherever you are and whatever you’re on – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Exactly is a free service that’s set to revolutionise online organisation. So what are you waiting for? It’s exaactly what you need!

What do you think of Exaactly?

We’re always keen to hear your thoughts on the website. Which bits of the site do you find most useful? Is there anything you’d change? Email our friendly team at hello@exaactly.com or fill in our contact form. It would be great to hear your feedback!