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As we’re currently running in a live Beta mode for Exaactly, there may be issues with some functionality. We’re always grateful for any feedback or comments.

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The Basics

Registration is a quick process, with only a few steps. Provide your name and email address, then set up a password. You’ll receive an email to validate your email address.

Exaactly is currently a free service for everyone to enjoy. Over time, we’ll add extra charged services to the website, but the core services will always be free.

Yes, your data is always stored securely.

A digital locker is a secure place to store your digital content.

The @@ symbol is our trademark and it identifies your domain as an Exaactly® digital locker. Once you’ve created an account and verified your email you can start using it. Think of it as your personal identification for your locker. Use your domain to name your locker, e.g. @@lucy. Your locker will then use this domain name, plus a tag for its purpose, e.g. wedding@@lucy, homeaddress@@lucy, holidays@@lucy.

Each domain can be given a description and made public (open for anyone to view with the link) or private (password protected).

No-one has access to your whole digital locker, only the content in the specific tag(s) and domain(s) you choose to share. For example, deliveryaddress@@dave could be shared, while insurancedetails@@dave could be private. To allow others to access an area, you’ll need to share a tag and domain name, or the QR code, plus the password (if used). The tag and domain can be typed into the search bar on the Exaactly® website to access content.

My digital locker

You’ll be guided through the process once you log into your Exaactly® account.

All sorts! You can add new contents or existing contents to your locker. Existing contents will be stored in your digital library. You can store a huge variety of content, including text, location pins, photos, documents and external links. You’ve also got the option to store all your content in a digital library and can access it whenever you like, to add different items to your locker. We’re always open to new ideas too. Let us know if there’s something else you’d like to store in your locker.

There are three options for naming your domain’s tag:

  • Use our autogenerated name, e.g. b69a6a61@@lucy
  • Choose your own name, e.g. home@@lucy
  • Alternatively, use a QR code to link directly to your locker

You can choose from three options:

  • Public (open to anyone you share your tag and domain with)
  • Private (password protected)
  • Dormant (a holding domain that only you can access, for contents you might need in the future)

Exaactly® supports most file formats, including JPGs, PDFs and Word documents.