Exaactly, a digital locker with a difference.

We offer digital storage, that’s secure and free.

You can use your digital locker to store:

Add map pins, Google Street Views, photos and instructions to help friends, family or couriers find an address anywhere in the world.

Make notes to write down important information like deadlines, attendee lists, to-do items, and budgets. This keeps everything organised and in one place.

Upload and share photos with family and friends, with full control over who sees them.

Store and manage all your important links in one place, accessible within your digital locker.

Search for an Exaactly address

If you’ve seen or been sent an Exaactly address that you want to search for, enter it into the search box below.

Create your digital locker and store your content in a variety of formats – including JPGs, PDFs, Word and Excel documents. Then make a personalised domain name. Think of it as the key to your locker. Keep it to yourself or share it with others, for access to important information, that you can update whenever you like.

Your digital locker is a secure place to store all sorts of content. Use it to share details for events – weddings, festivals, work conferences and more. It’s also a valuable tool for deliveries. Share your exaact location and supporting information with couriers to make sure they always find you, with no more late, missed or wrong deliveries. Going on your travels? Add your location, updates and photos for loved ones back home. Exaactly has so many uses – the possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for? It’s exaactly what you need.

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